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Kinda product review: Subaru "Genuine" Oil Filter Copies

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  • Kinda product review: Subaru "Genuine" Oil Filter Copies

    Something I thought you gents may be interested in, posted this originally on ozfoz a few years back.

    All, a general warning about Subaru Genuine Oil Filter Copies that have hit the market.

    I will happily have this thread deleted and recant all statements if proven otherwise but found SIGNIFICANT differences between OEM and recently purchased online auction "genuine" filters.

    From the outside in with main reference to the online auction item unless otherwise stated.

    - Smaller by a 1mm on all sides
    - Package is 10grams heavier
    - All external printing is lighter
    - All text, including Japanese, is the same but some text is thinner.
    - Flat card (OEM has slight texture)
    - Bottom and top flaps only glued in one spot (OEM has 11 glue points on each side)

    - Bottom plastic seal is heavier and has slight streaking through it.
    - Oil filter seal looks to be ungreased (OEM has a white grease, lightly applied)
    - Metal lip inside the filter next to the seal is 0.5-1mm higher
    - The bevel at the edge of the internal thread is angled or possibly machined which finishes with the start of thread (OEM has a smooth curve with small lip, then the start of internal thread.
    - Internal filter cage has less holes that are slightly larger 4-5 vs OEM 8-9 per row.
    - Internal filter material is noticeably lighter in colour (OEM is dark yellow)
    - The 6 holes around the thread vary in finish, not a lot but enough to notice compared to OEM.
    - Side of filter text is thinner and a slightly duller shade of grey.
    - All text is the same except for "2HU" next to the part number (OEM says "3K38 A") :dontknow:
    Edit: Above is probably a batch number:
    - There are some small defects here and there in the printing (OEM is clean with no defects)
    - "ENGINE" text on the top of the filter is the same colour as the side text (OEM is white)
    - Has a much flatter top
    - Paint is flat and shiny (OEM is duller with a slight ripple) Both are black.
    - Side by side it is 1mm higher

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    Which is why I will only go to a trusted mechanic or Subaru[1] to have such things done/supplied.

    [1] To Subaru, it's just another car, I suspect.

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      Excellent write up. Genuine only for me.
      The end is the beginning


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        Fantastic write up, thanks for sharing.

        What was the price difference between he two. The Subaru one was cheap from memory so it's not like you're saving a lot anyway


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          I pay about 40% of the price of a Ryco for genuine
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            Originally posted by NickRS View Post
            I pay about 40% of the price of a Ryco for genuine
            So where is the thread to supply the oem filters at similar cost to your fellow forum members?
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